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Carrol cow pot

Carrol cow pot
Carrol cow pot
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  • Model: PAR820633

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Holy cow! Tell all your other planters to mooove on over, cause Cow Planter is taking root!

Are your other plant pots looking dull Perhaps they're udder-ly undesirable ! Well, there's no need to have a cow, man! It might just be time to treat your plants to some cattle with character! Made from ceramic, is certainly ready to give your greenery a glow-up! After all, when it comes to looking after plants, an expert in her field!

Just place this amoosing plant pot on any table, windowsill or desk and admire it 'til the cows come home! You're bound to get loads of compliments from this handsome heifer, so you might as well just milk them for all their worth!

Go on, don't be a cow-ard! Add to your cart today before she's pasture prime!

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Colour: White, cream
  • Dimensions: 43 cm x 27 cm x 27 cm

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