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Peel type bath mat

Peel type bath mat
Peel type bath mat
Peel type bath mat
Peel type bath mat
Peel type bath mat
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If you're like me, you may need to be reminded to undress before using the bath or shower. That's why I thought the Strip Off Bath Mat would be a great idea - countless times, I've found myself lathering shampoo into my hat, scrubbing soap into my jacket and loofahing my loafers! It's the sort of thing that really makes you wonder how I made it this far in life. The truth is, I didn't - I'm a ghost! And I'm hear to make sure you don't make the same mistake!

The Strip Off Bath Mat is a fun design with the words Embossed in white cotton on the blue mat, so you can even feel the reminder under your feet to get your kit off before you wash - no excuses here, buddy! A smiley face is featured in the 'O' to ensure that any guests are aware it's just a cheeky reminder, rather than a creepy order

This delightful design is made from 100% cotton with a non-slip backing and is machine washable on 30. So if you know any others that keep washing themselves and their clothes at the same time, this mat makes the perfect gift! (It's also an awesome gift for normal people too)

Dimensions: W80 x H52 x 2cm
Material: 100% Cotton
Machine Washable on 30 degrees

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very small

c***9 14/05/2023

Love love love

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