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Bath Mat

Bath Mat
Product InfoNeed some confirmation that you look stunning after a soak We could all use a little body confidence as we get out of the shower or bath. Slipping and sliding as you try and locate your towel through hot steam, one can assume they look a little less than desirable and then you look down..
Product InfoEven after the shortest of showers, you can be sure of a rainbow!Somewhere over the bathtub, you could fly if you slipped, that is. Luckily, the Bath Mat is here to help you submerge with sturdy style, making sure you don't fall, bang your head, then suddenly find yourself regaining cons..
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Product InfoThe cat with a hole (sorry, WHOLE) lot of clASS.This kitty certainly knows its claws from its Kleenex. With a face that butter wouldn't melt, the Holder certainly has a surprise up its sleeve. We doubt you've ever seen a tissue leave that area looking as clean as that!This peculiar puss..
Product InfoIf you've got a stubborn youngster who never wants to clean their chompers, try adding this toothbrush tidy to the loo. This playful pot will add a quirky touch and will croc your child's world!Made of green plastic, this groovy gator keeps his mouth open as wide as he can, so there's pl..
Product InfoFeel foxy even when you feel a little blue!The Feeling Foxy Bath Mat understands that you're not necessarily in the mood for anything risque, but is still there for you when you need him most especially if you're trying to cheer yourself with a nice, hot bath. His fluffy white coat sugge..
Product InfoFeeling blue Then step into our shoes!Wet feet are miserable things. They can lead to anything, from the common cold to slipping all over the place and even smelling a little bit! Dry feet on the other hand They're not as miserable at all, and with the Bath Mat, your little piggies wil..
Product InfoDoes your toddler get unruly when it's time to brush their teeth If you want your child shouting hip, hippo, hooray for toothbrush time, check out Hector the Hippo Toothbrush Holder!This friendly fella is made of grey plastic and looks up to the sky with his mouth wide open. This gives ..
Product InfoThe Bathroom Cabinet with double doors is a unique designer piece that not only brings style but also subtle decorative humour to the bathroom. This double door designer wall cabinet features minimalist line drawings of what might be inside the cabinet on its pure white doors. This stunn..
Product Infoit will quickly become your favourite kitchen companion - both cute and practical. Use him to drain cutlery - with his trunk hanging over the sink, water will drain out and won't collect in the base. it will spice up an area of your kitchen which is usually dull and boring, and will be t..
Product InfoPucker up for a wet one!Be ready to shave all your kisses for me as you step out of the shower and straight onto this luscious Bath Mat.Tired of traditional Well, this mouth's gotta lotta moxie, so you can rest assured that your bombshell of a bath mat won't go unnoticed. Made from soft..
Product InfoOrange you glad to see a fox in your bathroom !Sure, they're normally up in the middle of the night, stealing chickens, and digging holes in the garden, but this fella is here to make sure you're feeling foxy as you hop out of the bath! After all, you should feel sexy as hell in a hot an..
Product InfoIf you're like me, you may need to be reminded to undress before using the bath or shower. That's why I thought the Strip Off Bath Mat would be a great idea - countless times, I've found myself lathering shampoo into my hat, scrubbing soap into my jacket and loofahing my loafers! It's th..
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