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Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories
Product InfoThat's exactly what Tissue Cover Girl is here to do! Dancing around with her peppy pup, it's hard not to notice this girl's flirty skirty! It may take a second to realise that skirt is nothing more than a tissue how's that for a sneeze tease !Want to know how to get this look Just pop..
Product InfoIf you're after a boring old tissue box cover.But if you're after a fun bit of decor that will make your powder room pop, might we introduce you to the Tissue Cover Girl!We heard hankies are in vogue this season! And always the fashionista, is ready to show off a multitude of looks. Ju..
Product InfoRun for your life!!!! You don't want to get crushed by the white stuff!Sure, there's worse things to be stuck under than a big ol' pile of loo roll, but who wants TP falling on their head when they're trying to have a relaxing moment on the porcelain queen !If you've got plenty of paper ..
Product InfoProudly present your TP with your very Toilet Paper Holder Sheep!Keeping your toilet paper out of plain sight Ewe must be mad! Many people believe toilet paper is a rather boring and often messy utility, needing to be hidden away in cupboards and the deepest, darkest recesses of the lt..
Product InfoWhale, whale, whale, what have we here If you're looking for a clever way to store your loo rolls, this Toilet Paper Holder is here to save the day! Made from 29 recycled PET bottles, he's pretty new to the game, but hopefully, he won't find his new job in your bathroom particularly over..
Product InfoJust one sneeze and you'll go weak at the knees!We never thought tissues could be so seductive until it came into our lives! Stood proudly with her hands on her hips, it shows off her fabulous skirt who knew tissues were currently en vogue To give is her stylish look, just slip this cove..
Product InfoFinding the purr-fect kitchen roll holder can be ruff! But if you're looking for something with a little catitutde, you're definitely not barking up the wrong tree with the kitchen roll holder!Who doesn't get a kick out of the age-old struggle between cats and dogs ! Despite being belove..
Product InfoWell, stone the crows! The Kitchen Roll Holder is a paw-sitively purr-fect way to add personality to your kitchen!Made of metal, this kitchen roll dispenser looks like a silhouetted street light with a crow perched on top. Down at the base, you'll catch a glimpse of a curious cat as he s..
Product InfoYou'll never be so glad to see a cloud above your head than when your reaching for more loo roll! The Toilet Roll Holder is a fun and stylish way to store your rolls without having to hide them or take up valuable floor space with a stand.This concrete holder allows you to stack the roll..
Product InfoThe Toilet Roll Holder is a fun and humorous way to store your toilet rolls! These small concrete toilet paper shelves give you the ability to place your rolls in the curved, recesses of this unique shelf and then stack extra rolls on top. With each layer, you end up creating a more dist..
Product InfoHoly cow! Here's a moo for your loo!When some people run out of paper, they ring a little bell, but this fun toilet roll holder has horns to get attention! This sweet cow only ever wants to help out, especially in your time of need. She really is a loving cow, bless her, but just be wary..
Product InfoLook out! It's a meat-eater shower!Well, you'll finally be a dino-bore no more with this ext-roar-dinary shower head, and you may even find the kids leaping at the chance to be first in the bathroom! Looks like you've found a way to convince them to shower without even having to try-cera..
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