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Planter and Vase

Planter and Vase
Product InfoDo you tend to lash out at boring planters You may need something a little more fabulash for your greenery, so why not give this planter a grow!At first glance, this plant pot may appear to be ordinary terracotta, but it's terraNOTTA! That's right, blink and you might miss the dreamy ey..
Product InfoLet your plants look after themselves over a long weekend with the help of the Plant Self Watering Can! This nifty little plant feeder slowly hydrates your plant over the course of a few days when filled, meaning you can leave them to it and refill when needed.This fun design comes in a ..
Product InfoHere's something for you to dig your green paws into.If your plant is getting too big for its boots and you need to whippet into shape, then this planter may be just the thing to help keep it spick and spaniel!You'll be full of puppy love for this sleeping doggo as he quietly looks after..
Product InfoTrying to get your urban jungle looking PLANTastic, but known for being a bit of a plant killer You try giving your plants so much love and attention that it results in a devastating drowning oh, we've deffo been there! Luckily, we've got a big cat to take care of that!Meet Preston Pant..
Product InfoBig by name and big on nature!this planter is here to help fill up any space in your room, so you'd best make sure he can fit! Okay, standing at 15 centimetres high, he will almost definitely will fit on any shelf, windowsill or table you desire!His personality might be bigger than his a..
Product InfoWhat's the buzzzzzzz We heard you had a bit of a bee in your bonnet about gardening in the past, but now the Busy Bees Small Planter is here to help with all your planting needs!They may BEE able to spoil a picnic at lightning speed, but in small numbers (and small planters, for that mat..
Product InfoHere are some bees you won't mind floating around the place!We imagine it's pretty hard for bees to keep flying up and down to pollinate all the flowers they come across so to make things a little easier for them, why not pop a Busy Bees Hanging Planter up so they won't have as far to t..
Product InfoIt's hippy hop and happening in here!Capable of carrying a group of meddling kids and their dog to a haunted house or some surfers to a groovy beach, this totally far-out this planter is here to transport your plants safely to the back garden. Get ready for your geraniums to glamp out in..
Product InfoHoly cow! Tell all your other planters to mooove on over, cause Cow Planter is taking root!Are your other plant pots looking dull Perhaps they're udder-ly undesirable ! Well, there's no need to have a cow, man! It might just be time to treat your plants to some cattle with character! M..
Product InfoWhy not take your plants to new heights Really, we're not kitten around! The Cat's Whiskers Terracotta Hanging Planter will let your shrubs soar and your ferns fly!This plant pot is just like any other terracotta pot, except it's got an adorable illustrated face, it's shaped like a kitt..
Product InfoAre you an obsessive plant mama or do you love loading up on doggy decor Or maybe both ! Either way, we know it's just the wurst when you run out of space on your shelves, windowsills and tables to display your plant pots and darling dachshunds. It seems the logical next step is to star..
Product InfoKeep your plants blooming during the dog days of summer with Diego the Dachshund Planter!Shaped like a loveable sausage dog, this planter has a large open area across its back, making it pawssible to grow your favourite plants either indoors or out! Made of magnesium oxide, this ever-obe..
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